Why sexual compatibility matters

I often hear people say, “but, I don’t have an extreme fetish, I am quite vanilla in bed. Can I still sign up?”

YES YOU CAN! This is EXACTLY why it is important we talk about just that – sexual compatibility.

Data from the British National Surveys of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, indicates one in four UK couples are imbalanced in their desires for sex.

It’s about time sexual desires are spoken about, just as openly as overall compatibility in people’s dating lives. Sexual desires are just as important, as all other aspects of dating when trying to find your perfect match.  In fact they are just as important as many other aspects of our lives in general!

Why when dating have I been asked for example, “which countries  would you like to explore?”

From a potential partner, a more relevant question would be, “what would you like to explore in the bedroom?” Instead we seem, just to hope for the best! Wait to see if the earth moves!

We invest so much time in relationships without investing any time in one of the most important aspects of a partnership. One that could actually make it work and give it longevity.

In some shape or form we communicate who we are and what is important to us in so many aspects of life – think career aspirations especially!

How many times have you been asked, did you come?” Or have asked, “how do I make you come?” Not that many times, right?

How do we reach mutual pleasure in a sexual relationship?

We need to talk about it and explore. That time is NOW.

Sex is a taboo and poorly understood subject! If I had a pound for every time I heard, “but Asa, I don’t know what I want” – I would be a very rich woman.

 If you don’t talk about it, how will you ever know?

When it comes to owning what you want, first things first – let’s figure out what that actually is.

Maybe you’re a master of dirty talk via text, but when it comes to between the sheets, you feel really awkward actually speaking the words out loud. How do you want to be touched? Are you willing to try?

Do you want to dominate or be dominated. Would you like to try both? What porn do you enjoy? (Yes we all watch it!) Would you consider a threesome? How do you want to be loved? What really turns your on? What is a deal breaker in the bedroom?

Not too long ago, Jada Smith posted, “I don’t think we know, culturally, what women like in regards to sex. Because women have not been allowed to explore in the same way as men.” Sadly, this is very true.

Recent research from The Hotbed Collective showed that, 77% of women polled, are not having the sex life they want.


I am on a mission to take our dating AND sex lives, OFF the screen and back out into the world where they belong. It’s about time sexual desires are spoken about with as much importance as overall compatibility in dating.That time is NOW.

Tailor Matched specialises in exploring all aspects of its clients dating requirements, but with an emphasis on sexual compatibility.

Set yourself free – love favours the bold

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tailor matched love favours the bold