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Set yourself free. Love favours the bold.

 We are Tailor Matched – an excitingly exclusive, London based offline dating service for the wild at heart. Whatever your gender or sexual preference. We are here to help you surrender to true connection.

Let's bring dating back to life!

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Can't find the one?

Bonding or Bondage

...when you want both - in a manner of speaking. That seems to be the state of affairs out there right now, in a nutshell: either staid, conventional relationships that lack excitement - or meaningless flings and hook-ups that leave you with an empty feeling inside.

Your life is busy enough, but doesn't feel quite fulfilled. You would love to share it with someone - but just don't know how to find them. You are over hit-and-miss serial dating, but also need to have your sexual needs acknowledged - and no, bondage doesn't have to come into it at all. (But it totally can, if that's your thing.)

The bottom line is, you're tired of people hiding behind a screen. You no longer want to be looking for The One in vain. You are ready to go back to old-school.
In Real Life. Right now!

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Master or Mistress

...of your own destiny. Tailor Matched has come to shake up the dating industry. Finding the right partner is hard, finding the right partner with sexual compatibility is even harder - I want to make this easy for you.

Don't think of it as a last resort - but the beginning of your life as you've always dreamt it.

Because we believe that you really can have it all. Male or female, soft and sensual or on the kinkier side of things. And that overall and sexual compatibility don't have to be mutually exclusive - in fact, they are equally important. So, at Tailor Matched, we work to identify your preferences both in bed and daily life. And with that new-found confidence, you are so much more likely to soon be sharing your life with your new partner. For that is our mission, and our vision for you.

Explore exciting desires and create experiences that bond.

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Offline Dating Service

Up close and personal. We are not an online dating agency.

Personal Coaching

Confident, not self-conscious. We clear away what is holding you back.

Events & Workshops

No strings attached. Learn new things and meet others in a relaxed setting.

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Not just another app

Real Life. Real People.

Black swans. They're a bit different from the masses, maybe even unusual in their desires - but they mate for life. That's who we're here for! And we know your missing half is out there. That someone who's your true soulmate as well as a lover that leaves you breathless, because the two of you are the perfect match. With our unique and personal vetting method, we make sure to go deep and ask the right questions. That way, we get to know the real you - and your prospective date, filtering out incompatible people and saving you time, embarrassment and frustration.

Finding your better half has never been more fun.

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tailor matched love favours the bold