The art of seduction

The art of seduction….by our brand ambassador Massimo Stocchi Fontana, accredited sex coach and psychological therapist.

Seduction is a topic that has fascinated people across cultures for hundreds of years.

When we think of the great seducers we are drawn the Casanovas and Marylin Munroe’s of the world. We have an uncontrollable attraction to such individuals and in many instances we don’t actually know what draws us to them but there is a magnetism that we cannot deny.

How can we start to recognise it

All of us recognise these seductive traits within us and this usually is more apparent when we are “in flow” or “completely present” in the moment. There is a natural navigation process that happens when we tap into this energy and our authentic self truly comes out and shines.

What holds us back from entering this flow?

The problem is that these moments largely happen to us when we are unconscious and just going through the motions of various events. However the moment we recognise that we can be conscious of becoming the seducer there is often an anxious reaction and we begin to withdraw because we’ve moved away from something that doesn’t need much thought to a position where we are now thinking about “how to seduce”.

We become riddles with anxiety and the individual in front of us who we desire to seduce now begins to connect with the anxious state that we bring to the fore and we then start compounding this feeling to such an extent that we steer our energetic state into lower level emotions such as shame, anxiety and despair.

It is at this moment that we become so self-conscious that we withdraw and often don’t know how to recover and get our head “back in the game”.


So ask yourself…

Do you know how to recover?

Do you know what your triggers are?

Do you know how to use your authentic self-image to be the perfect seducer?

Do you even know what your self-image is?


If any of these questions resonate with you on a level that you would like to find an answer to them then there needs to be the acknowledgment that you need to do some work on fine-tuning your mindset, skillets and fluidity in being able to apply various techniques so that they become so natural and a part of you that you can turn them on constantly with the best of intentions.

One thing I believe we need to deconstruct is the word seducer.

It has in many ways grown to be a word that we do not connect with depth, compassion, love and empathy. Instead we attached desire, craving, control and manipulation to it.

This form of seduction that I am talking about is the type of seduction which harnesses true sexual energy in such a manner that you are steering this energy into not only becoming a master at the seductive process but you can learn to steer this energy anywhere in your life to make sure that you become magnetic and truly begin to cultivate the most effective self-image possible.

I do not believe that this process is a quick process of getting some pointers and applying them with the hope that you will get incredible results.

This is a shallow need and with a shallow need you will only yield shallow results.

Instead this process is about harnessing the seducer you have within you.

The seducer we have in all of us and developing such a humbled confidence that the only experience someone can have of us is one of being absolutely present and deeply connected.

My line of thinking is that we are not stuck on just getting the girl or guy, but instead we learn to love the seductive process and embody the process to such an extent that it follows us in every single endeavor we choose to flow in and out of.

We always leave an imprint on the other we come in contact with and it is this that is part of the seductive process. By leaving the imprint on the other, we leave them with a beautiful experience even momentary which will draw them to want to know more and more about you.

Once we realise there is a whole another world attached to seduction that doesn’t follow simple pick up techniques and scripted lines, we open the door to a lifestyle. We open the door to a manner of being that it doesn’t matter if we are seducing man, women or dog, but our essential essence and energy has moved into a position of serenity within ourselves and the other will identify that there is something markedly different about you.

They will inevitably want to know more and this will be the moment where the work on yourself will inspire more and more people to be drawn to you.

Ultimately the seduction process is one of deep connection.

It is one of breaking down old scripted thought processes and identifying what behaviors are working for you or against you.

Within the seduction process there is a strong basis on the usage of breath and how we can use this to our advantage in cultivating a magnetic sexual energy. Within this, the aim is about breaking down barriers that prevent us from tapping into this readily available and immensely powerful resource that Napoleon Hill called sex transmutation.

I believe that becoming a master at knowing how to use your skill set to seduce will allow you to navigate life in a much more fluid and powerful manner. So what’s stopping you from learning more…


Here at Tailor Matched we are all about empowering you to own all your wants, needs and desires – inside and outside the bedroom.


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Massimo is a Sexologist, Accredited Sex Coach, Psychological Therapist, Executive Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Accredited CPD Speaker and a 200 RYT Yoga Instructor and has dedicated his life to the study of psychology and sexology with the fundamental aim of helping people realise their true sexual self image.

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