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Offline Dating Service

Finding the right partner is hard.

Finding the right partner who you are sexually compatible with, is even harder.

I can make this easy for you.

I can find that person, who is compatible with you and your desires - in life and in the bedroom.

All you have to do is to apply right here and I will take you through the process.

Don’t spend your life wasting time on hook ups and one-night stands.

So if you are living in London, are over 30 years of age and want love, with someone who meets your sexual desires, I can help.


...long to be yourself, with no holding back.

...want to feel a deeper connection.

...are tired of feeling like you have to hide your true self.

...might have felt shame about wanting to explore your sexual side.

...feel an algorithm alone is not enough.

...have found that people never look like they do on dating apps or are the way they appeared online.

...don’t have enough time to swipe or meet random people on the off-chance they’re your perfect match.


…save you time, energy, money and false hope – no more dating sites and apps that don’t work.

…provide relief and reduce stress in finding the right partner.

…create a deeper connection with your future partner as all our clients are thoroughly profiled through human-led offline dating service.

…help you own your sexual desires without any shame.

…offer support to work on anything that holds your back in dating and in your love life.

Why us

We know our clients. Our suitability method gives us a deep understanding of what you are truly looking for and our offline dating service package includes personal, one-on-one support both before and after dating.

Apply now to meet with Asa to start your journey.

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Don't leave love to an algorithm.

Asa Baav

tailor matched coaching

for anyone over 18

Personal Coaching


…want to work on something that is holding you back when dating, or even from dating. Maybe you would love to date more, be yourself on a date more, or break a pattern of who you date or get into a relationship with? Whatever your challenge around dating, relationships or break-ups, you…

...are sick and tired of looking for true love in vain.


…hear you and are here for you!

Owning who you really are is truly liberating, and we speak from experience. On top of that, Asa is a certified coach, DISC accredited by the coaching academy, and knows how to help.

All our coaching programs include a DISC assessment to raise self-awareness regarding your personality and communication traits which has been proven to really turn things around when it comes to interacting with people you fancy.

Book in a free 15-minute call

We’ll get to know each other and explore what your biggest challenge around dating is at the moment. You’ll fill us in on the reasons you're considering coaching right now, and together we’ll discuss how we can work together to improve your situation. Explore what your dating life could look like with the help of a truly understanding coach!

Sessions are available face to face (London only). Living outside London? No problem, we offer appointments by Skype and phone, as well.

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Our unique vetting method lets us ask the right questions.

Asa Baav

tailor matched events

London only

Events & Workshops

Is this you?

Our workshops work for people who have nodded “yes!” to all the above and are curious about our method – but are not ready to commit to matchmaking or coaching quite yet. Or maybe you are already working with us and want to make new friends who can relate to where you are in your dating journey?

You are curious and want to meet like-minded people or learn something that you've always been interested in...but perhaps you haven’t had the courage to admit that - yet.

Our Events

…will be focusing on confidence, knowing yourself and your body, relationships, dating, sex, what it is like to be single in 2019, and cater to people who are tired of swiping and being over-charged by other matchmaking agencies.


Our workshops will provide safe, fun and shame-free spaces with no strings attached – other than those around the gifts in our gorgeous goodie bags (or the ribbons to tie your partner to the bed with, if you're so inclined).

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Sarah Taylor

I've found Asa's coaching to be so valuable. I came to each session thinking I had a good idea of what I needed to do to solve the specific challenge I was facing, but Asa’s warmth, carefully considered questions and gently challenging style completely transformed the solution I saw for myself. I am grateful to Asa – I’m already reaping the rewards in my day-to-day life and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

tailor matched sarah taylor

Nicola McDonald

I have always looked forward to my sessions with Asa because I knew that no matter what I said or how ridiculous/vulnerable it seemed I had a safe space.

I wasn’t stuck in the true sense of not being able to see possibility, but I was stuck in my own thoughts and interpretation and the way I perceived the world and my thoughts on how the invisible ‘they' saw me. Asa, I felt, really heard what I said and I looked forward to her challenging and clarifying and thorough questioning designed to help me ‘get out of my own head’.

Asa’s attention to detail, wishing to make the session enjoyable, worthwhile and professional, with a good touch of humour thrown in, meant I was in good hands. For me, honesty and trust are extremely important when entrusting your dreams to another. It’s been a great privilege to grow with Asa. At this time, I feel the sky is my limit. Thank you, Asa, for being present.

tailor matched nicola mcdonald

Sarah M.

The sessions with Asa have been really inspiring and have made me more dedicated to achieving my goal. Breaking my overall goal into bite size chunks has enabled me to keep myself engaged and motivated. The energy Asa brings really motivated me and I didn’t feel judged if I didn’t achieve my goal, as some are harder to implement than others. She offered a supportive hand, but let me figure out the best way to move forward and achieve the goals set out.

I’ve learnt that I have an amazing support network that I need to utilise better and that by affirming something you want to achieve, it makes it real and achievable

Thanks, Asa, the sessions have been so positive and beneficial! You are a fab coach!

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JG - London

Asa  is one of the first individuals that I have met, whom I connected with instantaneously because of her courage and passion, her honesty and her wit.

I have worked with Asa on personal matters, and witnessed how she connects her own trials and tribulations which did not stop her from pursuing her passion. She follows her bliss and I see how the universe is opening doors for her, which in turn shows me the same – where I once believed there to be only walls.

Asa has shown me how we have the power to shape our lives through the choices we make and how to steer our minds away from fear. She has taught me not to be afraid of daring to be different.

I appreciate how responsible she is by how she utilises her ethical ways of operation and encourages you to see for yourself how important it is to be willing to make mistakes, and not hold on to them as defining our character. After-all, the worst thing that can happen, is that you become memorable – and she sure has proven that love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know that we cannot live within. Asa is forever memorable in my heart and I am truly grateful to her!

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