An introduction to erotic hypnosis

Hypnosis allows you to enrich your sensations and your experience of pleasure by engaging all of you in the process.

We have teamed up with Jonam Ross, an Erotic Hypnotist, who works around the globe combining cutting edge behavioral science and hypnosis with studies into unlocking the mysteries of your sensual mind and infusing relationships with the novelty and excitement of erotic power play.

In this blog he dives deeper into what erotic hypnosis is and how you can experiences the pleasures and sensations today.


Maybe you have already experienced something like this…?

Have you ever found yourself going into a state of fantasy, your mind casually wandering its way into the kind of imagined experience that makes you just melt?  

Maybe you were reading an erotic story and the images painted in your minds eye are just so vivid and bright they seemed to come alive inside you, so much so that you could feel your body beginning to respond – perhaps you feel your cheeks flush, or feeling a “stirring” inside, or just notice how your awareness travels down and into your pleasure areas.

This is just like how many people have erotic dreams that are so vivid and felt so real that you may wake up and you feel totally hot and horny and ready to go, that’s if you don’t have a full-out orgasm from the mind alone with no physical stimulation!

Perhaps you were messaging a new partner, the anticipation building of when you were next going to be in their company – knowing that each of you are thinking about all of the passionate, pleasurable things you want to do to each other…  Just imagining it makes your gaze soften as you lose yourself in a delicious inner world of how good it’s going to feel to have adult fun for adult reasons.

These are all situations where nothing is actually happening and yet you are experiencing a physical response in your body because of what you’re thinking and imagining.  This is your subconscious mind at work, and erotic hypnosis gives you a powerful way to play with that powerful part of yourself…  

Hypnosis in general is something that has a lot of confusion around it, so over the next few moments we’re going to define some terms and dispel some myths so you can have the “inside scoop” on one of the most powerful sensuality enhancement tools available today…


Trance, Hypnosis, and Erotic Hypnosis?

Trance is a state of deep focus and fascination where your brainwave state is alpha or below, your awareness is more on the inside than on the outside, and you can speak directly to the unconscious mind and bypass any external distractions, mental chatter, or inhibitions.  

You have experienced this when watching your favourite movie, reading your favourite book, learning from your favourite teacher, or (more yummily) if you’ve ever had a fantastic date where time just flew by and it’s like you both went into tunnel vision, the world outside you disappeared and the only thing you were aware of was “Right Now” – this is a natural form of trance.

Hypnosis is the art and science of deliberately leading someone into that state, and uses a combination of physical relaxation, mental imagery and metaphorical journeys, along with specific patterns of language to allow a person to naturally and easily go into that state.

Erotic hypnosis is all of the above, combined with the intention of pleasure and sensuality, often used for things like enhancing your responsiveness to pleasure, building your sexual confidence, or creating an “instant arousal” trigger where you are able to tune out of everyday stresses, and tune into pleasurable receptivity at will.


If you enjoy consensual power play and you want to explore a deep and different flavour of surrender, we can use erotic hypnosis for everything from a setting an instant “sub-space” trigger, to a full training protocol.

We may also combine it with other personal development techniques if you want to use it as a form of recreation that also gives you benefits throughout your life – after all, it makes perfect sense that progress should be rewarded with pleasure, right?


Myths and misconceptions

I thought hypnosis only worked on weak minded people?

Not so, in fact it’s often the most intelligent and/or the most creative people who take to it the most naturally because they are so used to using their mind.  Compared to all the things their mind is usually busy with, participating in a hypnosis session is easy!

Isn’t hypnosis like going into a zombie state and not hearing or remembering anything?
You will be aware of everything you hear and you may remember most or all of it, though you also may not (in just the same way that when you watched your favourite movie you don’t remember every minute of the show, but the highlights)

Are some people “unhypnotisable?”

Most people are naturally able to explore their inner world using hypnosis straight away, and some people need a little more time to practice, but it really is just a matter of practice.  This is because of our next point…

Is hypnosis mind control?

It’s a team effort: the hypnotist gives instructions, and the subject follows them, and the degree to which someone pays attention and follows the direction will determine the degree to which they’re able to achieve the desired results.

If you are playing with erotic hypnosis as part of a BDSM relationship, then you can explore mind control fantasies if you wish – but just as with any other kind of scene, this would be agreed upon by both parties beforehand to honour the standards of keeping things safe, sane, and consensual.


Why do people love erotic hypnosis so much?

Unique opportunities to let go and focus on nothing but your own pleasure
How often do we get the chance to let go of stress, responsibility, and worry, and to simply BE? 

Erotic hypnosis gives you a chance to feel free because you don’t have any responsibility to figure things out or be in charge, instead you get to sit back and relax as you’re guided through an inner journey that can range from the purely pleasurable, to the deeply empowering –  or indeed both.

Have fun exploring your sexuality in a covid-safe way

We all want to have a life rich in delicious sexual pleasure, but sometimes we don’t want to play “lucky dip” with a series of one-night-stands (who probably won’t quite hit the spot, let’s be honest) and the “friends with benefits” situations just don’t seem to work out – or maybe it’s lockdown and anything like that simply isn’t an option!  

Whether you can go out and mingle or you’re at home, erotic hypnosis gives you an extra dimension of exploring your sexual self, whether you can (or want to) go out and mingle, or not.

Adventures with ZERO consequences

You can explore fantasies in trance and “try them on for size” with no consequences in the real-world!  This means you get to go into an erotic dream of your own design to experience things that you’ve been curious about but in two minds over (let’s say exploring your dominant side, or your submissive side, or playing with bondage, or threesomes, or roleplay fantasies) – then once you’ve had that experience in a way that feels vivid and real, you get to decide from a more informed place whether you want to bring it into your real life play time!  This is fun, and a potential relationship-saver too.

Integrated with personal empowerment

I view erotic hypnosis as a holistic work, and so the way I work this in my approach at Erotic Ascension is to use these heightened pleasure states to strengthen your relationship with your inner self, your true self, the part of you that may often get ignored or neglected.  By working with this in mind, we use these powerful sensual experiences to help you let go of any old emotional pains, instead feeling grounded and confident throughout your life. 


Want more? Join us on January 28th at 7:30pm UK time for our LIVE erotic hypnosis event and go deeper into your experience. Secure your ticket here


Jonam Ross is an Erotic Hypnotist, who works around the globe combining cutting edge behavioural science and hypnosis with studies into unlocking the mysteries of your sensual mind and infusing relationships with the novelty and excitement of erotic power play.

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